Sunday, April 26, 2009

My mother is a Spark Plug! Carolyn Westbrook Home

Anybody that knows me, knows what an inspiration that my mother is to me. She is a Spark Plug. I was so proud as we renovate the man cave, as I am using the circular saw for the first time. Well, I have moved on to the Sawzall and more. Mainly because growing up, my mother was not afraid to tackle anything. They had a very small budget, so she made everything from my clothes, to mirrored coffee tables. She was the Queen of D.I.Y.
So, today we were trying to get a metal screw and bolt off of something and it had rusted on there. I tried the saw, pliers, screwdrivers, everything. My mom (who is in her 70's) and still climbing ladders, says..."I can get that off with the grinder." So, she gets everything set up and sparks are flying everywhere. I am ducking and dodging, screaming "Don't burn me." We are looking like Lucy and Ethel, and she yells out, "Let me know if my hair catches on fire...don't want to burn my hair off!" as the sparks are still flying everywhere.
She is a crazy woman for sure and a inspiration to everyone in our family, as she has the patience of a saint, never raises her voice, and can do just about anything. Debbie (Talking Trash) always refers to her as a true Southern Lady, and she is, not afraid to get her polished nails dirty, and then next thing you know, she is hosting a party in pearls and heels.
Gotta love her and all of us true grit southern women who can do it all, with a baby in one arm and a power drill in the other!
Here's to us!
XOXO Carolyn


Becky said...

That is just a hoot about your mother. Now that was a Kodac moment!

trash talk said...

Charlotte is that and a whole lot more. Girl, y'all could make a fortune if she just gave classes in gracious living and style!
She didn't set her hair on fire did she? I bet she didn't even mess it up.

curiousgoods said...

You know how I love your Mother. She is not afraid to look past the trash to find the treasures, if you know what I mean.
Hugs to you both!
PS I will be set up in Canton at the Civic Center beside Lillie .... come see us!

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Wow! Your mom sounds like just an amazing woman, Carolyn!

ludmil said...

I adore your mon... she helped me so much with those ginger capsules last summer when I was suffering so much from the heat... I still use them. And I have been following this story as Nicholas is one of my favorite little boys of all time... and he deserves a man cave.... you too are such a good Mama.. don't forget that little detail... Love Linda Marcov

Laura said...

Oh my. What a wonderful post about your mother. I can just see those sparks fly.
And- it makes me want mine badly.

Thank you for writing this. I have 3 adult daughters, and I want to continue to be the kind of mother who runs a grinder fearlessly.


The Feathered Nest said...

I just LOVE this post Carolyn!!! You are so very right...southern women can handle the power tools then host the sassiest party you've ever been too!!! You go Mom!!!! xxoo, Dawn


I love GIRL POWER stories. You go girl. See ya in Canton.

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

What a total crack up !! Your mom sounds like so much fun and a woman after my own heart ~ I got a power washer for mothers day recently ~ gotta love it !!


What a fun post! Too bad you didn't have the video camera going. Keep those sparks flying... Maggie