Monday, October 26, 2009

Carolyn Westbrook: Happy Halloween!

The air is crisp, the pumpkins are ripe, and the smell of autumn is in the air. I love this time of year with caramel apples, hayrides, and spooky spider webs. Halloween is always a fun time for the kids, putting together great costumes to top the ones from the year before. Here it is all about the haunted hayride and annual weenie roast. Harvest tables are brought out into the yard. Spooky chandeliers hang over the table with drippy wax candles and spider webs. We pick only the best pumpkins for the carving and we all compete for the best one. Then they are lit up on the porch steps, while luminaries lead our guests up the drive. Hot dogs, buns, and all the fixin's line the table that is covered with burlap. Hay bales are the best seat around the fire. The centerpiece is an old rusted French urn filled with moss and pumpkins, while candles from the chandelier glow overhead.

The kids love to come and the favorite part is the ooey gooey marshmallow goodness. They have to be roasted just right. Of course, smores are the order of the night, and then it is time for the spooky stories. Then we head off for the haunted hayride.
Pictured here is Alex and one of her friend's and were the winners of best costume.

I want everyone to know, that I will have a big announcement toward the end of the week.
Hope all will check back and I will let you know the big surprise! We are very excited about things that are going on, and cannot wait to share with all of you!!!!
XOXO Carolyn
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trash talk said...

Can't wait. I sure hope the weather doesn't get in the way of trick or treating...although it isn't as much fun since I don't have the kids bags to go through!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Could the announcement be that you've won the Lotto or better yet you are opening your own shop? Hmmm, I wonder what it could be?

Welcome to Yaya Chique! said...

Sounds like a whole lot of fun! Have some goodies for me....and can't wait to hear about your BIG suprise! xo...deb

a cat of impossible colour said...

Hi Carolyn!

I just wanted to stop by and say thank you so much for your book, 'Home.' I came across it in my local bookstore here in New Zealand quite by chance, and it has been living on my bedside table for over a year now. I re-read it regularly when I am feeling jaded or stressed, and it always takes me to a beautiful, peaceful place. It also gives me lots of ideas for when we have our own house (we're renting at the moment)! I especially love your colonial-inspired rooms, as I grew up in Zimbabwe and lived with that decor for most of my life.

Anyway, thanks again for a wonderful book. I think you're just lovely. :)

Andrea xx


Sounds like so much fun. Looking forward to your big announcement! ~ Angela

The Apiary said...

That sounds like so much fun, your kids are so lucky.