Friday, October 8, 2010

Carolyn Westbrook: Back at the Plantation

It's so good to be home! I have missed all of you, but we did have quite the time at the big Warrenton/Roundtop show. For all of you that came out to see a new look and a new book, thanks so much. We sold out of books in a few days, so I apologize for not having enough on hand. We had no idea what to expect and were quite surprised at the turn out and the excitement, and I appreciate that like you will never know.

Here are some shots from the booth, sporting our latest collection of gray, white and magenta. I thought it turned out very dramatic and I love it when a plan comes together. We met many people and some very interesting characters. The blog party was much fun at Theresa Cano's venue and thanks to her for putting that together.
Rick at Marburger Farms was fantastic and made us feel right at home. Thanks to you for letting us sell some books and what a wonderful show.

Hope all that came had a good time...the weather was FANTASTIC! I found some new treasures and brought back presents for my sweet mom.

So, I went to Lowe's last night to buy Nick a utitlity trailer, as he is quite busy, mowing yards, etc. While I was waiting for the manager to go unlock a trailer, I saw a magazine on the rack with pics from the new book on the exciting. It was the new "Romantic Country" magazine. So, I grab up the only two copies and flipping through like a crazy woman, and then I see the book pages on several pages. Woo Hoo! So, the clerk says, What??? I tell her about my new book and the magazine coverage, and she is like..."ok lady, pay up and move on."
Honestly, I am going to do a little plug for Lowes...they were so good. We had three people outside getting the trailer on my Suburban, changing the ball on the hitch, putting a converter on the lights, etc, etc. and they were completely helpful and concerned...imagine that. So, I am on the Lowes band wagon.

I will be doing a book signing at the "Beaucoup" store in Richardson Texas from 11-2 on Saturday Oct.16th.

Then we head off to the big Country Living show at Stone Mountain in Atlanta, Georgia. I cannot wait to see everyone in has been a while. I am doing a little presentation and a book signing, so we should have plenty of books for that.

I will keep you posted with more pics from Warrenton.

The book is in most stores now and on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders and others...Carolyn Westbrook: The French Inspired Home.
Hope you all will buy a is much appreciated and I hope that you enjoy!

xoxo Carolyn

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trash talk said...

Like I told favorite color in the Crayola box!
Woo are going to be one busy lady for the next few months!

The Primitique said...

Ha! I am picturing that whole Lowe's experience with the magazine and the checkout girl. Ha! Congrats on your success! And yes, your space was magnificent! ~Mindy

thayne said...

Bought and read you beautiful book,
One word wonderful...One question??
What is the pink swan looking item behind the sofa on the cover of your book.I can't tell what it is but it looks really pretty.What is it???

thayne said...

Bought your new book and loved it,
but what is the pink swan looking item behind the sofa on the cover of your book.It's pretty but no mention of it.

Stephanie said...

LOVE the magenta! And congrats on the great success of the book!

Kimberly said...

I got my book and I love it!!!! I was so excited to recognize one of my friend's, Carla, amazing kitchen in it!!! Sadly, I was working Saturday, and missed the signing at Beacoup (more of my friends!!!). I'll have to catch you at the next signing. The book is truly amazing! Congratulations and many thanks for the continued inspiration!
xxxx kim


Hi Carolyn,

I just spotlighted your fabulous new book on my blog. Please take a peek. Thanks for such a fabulous publication. I'd love it if you'd add me to your sidebar. Take care!


Victoria said...

Lovely to meet you in Atlanta. Have so enjoyed the new book. Did a review of it on Amazon. Best of luck in New York and your newest ventures.

The French Maid said...

This color combination is absolutely lovely! We have seen so much pale pink that this is a shot of glamour that we need! I have the most divine Louis chairs that are silver leafed and upholstered in magenta satin...I love them!
--Lee Ann

Gail said...

If the clerk did not know who Carolyn Westbrook was she should not be working there!! I would of been like OMGosh its you!!! Can I have your autograph?? Congratulations!! I have loved your style for a long time :)