Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Carolyn Westbrook: LIve from the Plantation...all the way to Great Britian!

As if being in the latest issue of Where Women Create wasn't enough, just found out that the
book is a favorite with our friends in the U.K. as well. It is called: Period Living and you can find it at your local Borders stores. It is the February issue. This is Britian's #1 home magazine and found out that we had a 4 page spread...woo hoo! Actually, my friend Gina was perusing the book store and saw this article and gave me a call. Thanks Gina!!! I then found out that the new book, Carolyn Westbrook The French Inspired Home is like #7 in decorating books there on Amazon...we are so proud. Thanks to all in the U.K. for buying a copy. Maybe you should fly me over...would love to do some junking in England. I am looking forward to seeing all of y'all at the next big Antiques Week in Roundtop/Warrenton Texas March 25th-April 2nd..I hope to see you all there, as I have many new surprises that y;all are just going to have to have...and copies of the book, so come and get you a signed copy!
xo Carolyn

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red.neck chic said...

YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!! I'm so excited for you!!!

;-D robelyn

trash talk said...

Girl...I'm just so proud for you and if you need someone to carry your luggage while on your hope-it-happens trip to Merry Ol' England...I'm available! I'm sure my invitation to the royal wedding is lost in the mail!!!


Oh how cool is that for you. I just saw this magazine and I should of gotten it. Our local Borders is going out of business here and it saddens me very much. HUGS MARY