Monday, December 26, 2011

Carolyn Westbrook: NYC Bergdof at Christmas

Hey Everyone! Hope you are enjoying the Season!! Here are more photos as promised from the Bergdof windows in NYC. First, is Alex excited to be posing in front of the windows. All I have to say, is it is a good thing that my friends, Gina, Heidi and Portia were not here with me, because we would have never been able to leave this location. Seriously, the next day, they would be scooping us up off of the sidewalk, as we would have stood out there all night trying to see everything, which is almost impossible. The detail is incredible. One window is all items made of wood, then another all white, and another is all mosaic jeweled items that looks like an underwater fairyland, and another is all black and white.

I hope that y'all enjoy these pictures, as it was really special. I am sort of numb today after too many sausage balls, turkey and dressing, and pecan pie...ughh! But it was a wonderful time for the entire family.
We have another member of the family now. The other day, after returning for New York, someone "dropped off" a little abandoned cocker spaniel. We named her Coco Chanel. She has found her a home and living in luxury, as she sleeps with me and follows me wherever I go. If I am not here, then you will find her curled up next to someone. She seems to have abandoment issues, as she will not go outside to potty unless someone goes and stands with her. I guess she is afraid that we will run off and leave her. Then, Victoria brought her Husky puppy "Coda" to live here for a while. Now we are back up to four dogs, 10 chickens, and Alex got an aquarium for now we have fish too, and an occasional cow.

Life is never boring. Believe it or not, there are even more pics to post....enjoy!

xo Carolyn

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