Wednesday, August 27, 2014

This was today's haul from the hen house. Oh, and let's not forget the Colonel, who is the rooster that rules the roost. I have to get out there early, because of the heat. The chickens have been so hot in the afternoon, that I have to go out to the pen with the water hose and sprinkle them with a fountain of water, which they love. Otherwise, they are walking around squawking with their tongues hanging out. The Polish hens are so funny, they have what looks like a fancy hat, and they can barely see where they are going. We have always had chickens here, and I love the color of the Araucana's eggs, in their pale blues and greens. The yolks are bright gold, and of course our chickens are free roaming. They like to be petted, so whenever Grayson or Carrington come over, the first thing that they want to do is gather the eggs. What a great way to start the day...fresh eggs. xoxo Carolyn

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