Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fall Flea Market Tips

It is almost time for the most fabulous fall flea market on earth. The Roundtop/Marburger/Warrenton shows are coming up. If you are looking for treasures for your home, then this is the place. There is high end antiques and tents full of wonderful junk, all opening at different times. This show takes place only twice a year in Texas. If you want to re-do or refresh your home, this is a great place to start. Perhaps you are tired of your "big box" interior, and are craving something unique and beautiful things that speak of you, then this is the place. You want things that are not too bright and shiny, but show a little time-worn patina and wear in just the right places. Items with a history and a story that have been a part of generations of interiors. What a great time of year to grab some girlfriends and head down to the hill country for a fabulous Girls Gone Junkin (from my first book, Carolyn Westbrook Home) trip. In my first book we have an entire chapter on Girls Gone Junkin featuring shopping in Warrenton, Texas. Zapp Hall is a great place to start and they have a website at Make sure to check out my talented friends, Debbie and Danny York, right inside the Zapp Hall building. They are saying that this is the best "junk" that they have ever had. Zapp Hall is a great place to shop and take a break with the Royer's CafĂ© where you can sit down for lunch or dinner and feast on some wonderful comfort food. Also, live bands and beer in the beer garden or a glass of champagne in the "bubble lounge." Marburger Farms is a wonderful place for inspiration and you can check them out at Here is a list of some of the things that I look for:

  • Antique Silver Trays
  • Old Architectural Pieces such as Columns, Trims, Doors, Windows
  • Old Statuary
  • Harvest Tables for your kitchen or dining room.
  • Old Leather Bound Books
  • Antique Chandeliers with lots of beautiful prisms.
  • Transfer ware in all colors.
  • Old Mercury Glass
  • Beautiful old oil paintings.
  • Antique Rugs, especially the ones that have great colors that are a bit muted and faded from wear.
  • Glass Spooners
  • Antique (Monogrammed) Silver Plate Utensils.
Things to take along that you might need:
  • Tape Measure
  • Hat
  • Umbrella
  • Rain boots
  • Mosquito Spray
  • Ant bite stick
  • Tote bag for small items
  • Cart for bigger items
  • Tote or backpack filled with snack items and bottled water.
  • Phone for taking photos.
  • List items that you have bought and where they are located for pick-up.
  • Get receipts
Go out there and hunt down some treasures, and above all...have fun!
                                                                               xo Carolyn

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