Friday, June 12, 2009

Sometimes it takes a little disaster to find out how truly blessed you really are!

I just want to say thanks to all of my friends out there, who took the time to let us know that they were thinking of us, as a humongeous tree was laying across our garage. I know everyone has things happen, and feeling really blessed that our house is still here! The sheriff's dept. confirmed a tornado and it is so funny, like it seems like it was concentrated on the grounds here. The county sent out a truck to get the one laying across the road, but this morning bright and early, we had a gang of young men, Nicholas, Riley, Brian, Blake, Christian, Dalton, and the grown-up's Kenneth and his wife, showed up with chainsaws and trailers. These friends worked all day, and were able to get most of the tree cut up and carried off in the front yard, and that was no small task. We are talking sweaty, gut wrenching work and we had a team of 4-wheelers, trailers, and people stopping by to check on us. Thanks to all of you who sent me notes of concern, and for all who helped! We are all blessed to have each other!

I am leaving and will be traveling up I-35 to Oklahoma City and Wichita...if anyone knows any great shopping stops to hit along the way, let me know, especially you Miss Garden Antiques Vintage, as you have been everywhere known to woman,where antiques are sold and find the best treasures. Would love to hear from all of y'all!
XOXO Carolyn

XOXO Carolyn


Junkin' Yaya said...

OMG girlfriend! I had NO IDEA that you went through this!!!! I have been out of touch for a few weeks and have not had time to check blogs. I am sooooo glad to hear that you and the family are okay!


common ground said...

Hi Carolyn, I feel like I'm talking to royalty here! I just started a new blog after soaking up everyone elses blog for the last year or so. I did a blog post on how you are my decorating inspiration and I featured your book Carolyn Westbrook Home for my sunporch. Hope that's OK. Come by for a visit. Hope you had a good trip and that your home will soon get back to normal. Storms are horrible!
Blessings, Debra

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Are you back or still traveling? Please hurry and post what you found or is it for the Red Barn and it's a surprise. Hope you found lots. Sorry to read about the storm. See ya next weekend, T