Monday, July 27, 2009

Carolyn Westbrook: A cool Summer Getaway

O.K. Friends. If you are looking for a Cool Summer Getaway, then look no further than the "Cloverleaf" store in Ardmore, Oklahoma. I have travelled cross-country and never found a store like this. This is frothy pink creation was created by propreitor Heidi Chapman, and it is a delight. You will immerse yourself in this fantasyland of everything us girls love!
The outdoor section alone is worth the drive. You cannot miss it off of I-35 and Broadway, as it is literally a huge pink palace.
As you can see to the left, this is a mouth-watering cotton candy pink palace, with all of the goodies that we love. Below, you can see that my girls (Alexandria and Victoria) were even loving it ( and I find very few places that my teenagers love other than the mall.)
Below that, you can see one of Heidi's confections with the gorgeous apothecary jars filled with sugar and darling little dog candy boxes, as well as, cake plates topped with charming little items. There was absolutely something to see everywhere you looked and brilliantly put together to create a feast for the eyes. I absolutely loved it.
I have more pic's to post, so check back for more on this fabulous store or better yet, hop in
the car and head out down the road, for a great summer road trip!
XOXO Carolyn

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trash talk said...

Heidi really should think about charging admission to her's that much fun!!!

Jennifer Froh said...

WOW! Can't wait to see more pictures. Looks wonderful!

Junkin' Yaya said...

Hey girlfriend!

Glad to hear your par'tay went GREAT! Wish I could be there...but, on Saturday---got to be at the Yaya. :)

Love Heidi's store!!! Lots of fun color and great stuff....Her facebook has a great slide show of her store. After I met her last spring....she told me how to see her store.

Hope you are all doing well! Take care and keep in touch! xo..deb

Elizabeth said...

I'm heading to OK soon and will see if it is on the route - thanks for sharing. Glad to see you are doing well and will keep little Witt in my prayers as well.

Sending all my best,


First time I saw her shop, I made a big fast u-turn -- speeding down the highway pulling a loaded trailer! It's way cool.... maggie