Saturday, September 19, 2009

Carolyn Westbrook: Glad to see me go!

Well, it is that time of year again, where we take advantage of all of the labor that we can find to load a 26 ft. truck, and 16 ft. trailer for our bi-annual trek to the biggest show of the YEAR! My kids go running for the HILLS!

As you can see here, I wore everyone out and they shouted thanks to the heavens as the big truck was finally loaded and ready to head on down the road.
Even Jack (our big black lab) was exhausted. He has to run around and pretend to chase squirrels the entire time we are outside, just to prove to us how worthy he really is.

Alex passed out in the road a couple of times, and when we were done, the drama queen passed out in the middle of the road. Good thing that road is not very busy, right Alex. You see, the harder that you make this job out to be, the bigger the shopping spree at the mall. Alex thinks that she is worth an entire day of shopping at Northpark.

Victoria on the other hand, my little minister in the family, was singing her praises that the job was done, and she could be done with me for two weeks and
have plenty of cash for gas and "hanging out" after her college work was done.

It's funny, my kids make out like this is the worst thing ever, but the teens from around here, come out of the woodwork when it is time to load, and they are willing and able, and much cheaper I might add. So, you kids of mine better watch out or your shopping days are over.

You hear that she still outside in the road???? It's getting mighty late, perhaps I should go check.

Nicholas is not pictured here because he has already taken off on his 4-wheeler. He high-tailed it out of here, as soon as we said the word, DONE! Was that Done or Dad....I think he got to leave early. Him and his posse of boys are a big help to us, and they are getting to those teenage years, where they can lift more than anyone else...and that my friends is a good thing. The only down side is you have to feed them.

So, as we head off down the road, we will miss everyone (for two weeks)those three teens of ours, Nick, Victoria, and Alex, Our dogs, Jack, Bella, Princess Teddy, and Mom, Dad, and even the long for now, but HELLO ZAPP HALL!

XOXO Carolyn
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common ground said...

Ha ha, Carolyn, at first I thought that she was one of the manniquins that must have fallen off the truck. Hilarious! Food AND cash, that can be expensive, but at least it can save you from the chiropractor. Have a wonderful time at the show. I'm looking forward to all the news when you all return!

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

You must be relieved to be all loaded up Carolyn. Sounds like you had a lot of helping hands, a bit of drama, but lots of help in the end. Looking forward to meeting you at Zapp Hall on Friday morning! Look out for me, I'll have a Zita-Mlle Magpie badge on my ruffled purse :) said...

I will see you in one week when I arrive at your booth, cash & book in hand! PS Did you get my lamp email? I'll hope you brought some shades to RT. Lisa

Charlene said...

FUNNY! Oh feeding the teenage boys is awful!!!!!!!!!! You get a raise when they leave! And the sweet thing is... they have some of their own & it all comes back on them!:) Enjoy the help! Can't wait to see you & thanks for all the reports of what & where to go. See ya soon!

Charlene said...

I gave you good Blog press. Hope you had a good sale at Round Top. We enjoyed seeing your shop & meeting you. Saw you in East of LA's booth at Marburger but, you didn't recognize us.

Cathy said...


It sounds like you had tons of stuff to load up for the show. I hope it was a successful one and you sold everything.

Have a great day,