Thursday, September 17, 2009

Carolyn Westbrook: Warrenton Countdown

Y'all getting excited yet? Let's hear it. Not long now, so thought that we should touch on the fact, that everyone is loading up and puttin on the dog...getting ready for the good times at Zapp Hall.

Make sure that when you come in on hwy 237( From Brenham), the first stop to the right is the La Bahia show. Make sure that you pull the car over for this one. It is worth the stop. This needs to be put on the list as a must see. In fact, you could see this field, then jump in the car and head on down 237, there are fields on both sides for you to explore. If you have the time, you can head back to Marburger Farms for a second look. Your wristband is good for the entire show, so be sure not to throw it away!

Once you make it back into Warrenton, across the street from us is the Campbell Building. You will see the red trim on this building. They have a party...I believe Tues. night, but check in with them to verify. My friend Haley Johnson of Cottage Gatherings is here.

Food Tip: Last show they had a wonderful eatery at the back of the Campbell bldg. with tasty, healthy treats like spinach salad with strawberries and pistachios...YUM. All kinds of yummy different types of salads with delicious goat cheese, sandwiches and such.

O.K. here is our dinner tip for the day...if you are up for a little drive (20 minutes from the show) in Giddings, Texas (Off of 290), there is a FABULOUS mexican restaraunt there called Jalisco's. In the strip mall with Wal-mart, which seems a bit unusual, but we laugh because two of the best restaraunts that we have eaten at are in this same strip. One is Jalisco's, which has an all-you-can-eat buffet on Friday and I think, Sat. Includes fajitas, shrimp, all kinds of stuff, and is well attended. I am not much on buffets, but everyone raves about this one.

We always get the same thing, which is the Guadalajara ( not spelled correctly, but I tried). We are definitely a good judge of Tex-Mex and this is REALLY good. This plate is huge and you will have some left for later. If you like Chile Relleno(ask for poblano pepper) then this is the place for you. They make a good margarita too.

If you like the scenic trip then come back the next night to the Hunan Chinese, right down from Jalisco's. They have some of the freshest ingredients around, and the vegetables have a good crunch, which I love. Everything that we have had here is very good. If you can make it, it is definitely worth the trip.

Tip: bring along a good bottle of wine or you can buy some at the Wine Shop in Roundtop, and have a little end of the day "Show N Tell" party. We all gathered in a hotel room, and had a challenge, a contest if you will, where we all looked for the best purchase of the day, but the spending limit was $5. Yea! I won the last one.. I found a beautiful antique silver plate monogrammed napkin ring for $5. We figured out a little prize for the winner. Just a fun little get-together for all of us and would be great for you and your girlfriends.
See you soon! XOXO Carolyn
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trash talk said...

As I recall, y'all made me be Paula Abdul...not going to happen this time!

Charlene said...

Thanks!!!! The great tips just keep on a commin girl!!!!! I just have to get my 1st soldering class (to teach) down Saturday & take the taxes (yes an extension was filed & time is running out)to the CPA & then I get to get ready for Round Top. I AM PUMPED!