Saturday, May 29, 2010

Carolyn Westbrook: Happy Memorial Day and Happy Summer!

Happy Memorial Day: from the Plantation!
From all of us at Carolyn Westbrook Home, to all of you, we hope that you have a wonderful holiday weekend! Whether you are sleeping late, something that we all rarely do, but hey, now that the kids are out of school, let's all try and do that, shall we. Let's make a pledge right now, that we are going to enjoy this summer. I know, I know, we say that every year, but this year will be different, because we will make it so, right? So, everyone get those pinkies up in the air and pinkie swear: This summer, I pledge to spend lots of time with family and friends. I will actually read a book and not just read a book or two, but finish them. Preferably, while lying in the sun, whether in some exotic location on the beach or next to the kids blow-up swimming pool (that the top ring has deflated on, and we cannot figure out how to use the patch kit or even know where it is) but hey, it still holds water, right! Cheers to that! Here's to being positive, more loving and being appreciative for what we have (we may not have anything but a splash pool, but thank God for that) and to just being fun to be around, you know, like when you were when you were a kid! Here's to getting excited about the little things in life, like a big ol glass of iced tea, Whoo Hoo! Here's to embracing those warm temperatures (It has been no time ago that I was griping about the snow) and lets be thankful of the long daylight hours, and for lightening bugs! I saw some last night as I was walking down the driveway. Your time to start living life to the fullest, STARTS NOW!

Here is to peaceful sun-filled days. Let's vow to rock on the porch or at least sit outside, go fishing or paint a room, to make s'mores with the kids or have a bike ride. Whatever it is, just remember to enjoy and to count your blessings, because we are all blessed to live in a country that we are free to do all of that. Thanks to all of the men and women that have protected us and continue to do so! God Bless the United States of America and all of us that call it home!
P.S. Summer begins NOW! Get our there and enjoy it!

Get out there and garden, girls! It's Summer! Let's get our hands dirty cuz we can always wash them off with the hose.
The girls say hi! as they cluck about this morning! Say hi to Willemena, Babs, Roxie, Cluck, Peck, and Big Fat White Hen, who doesnt like to be photographed!

Here's to the easy, breezy days of Summer! The crickets chirping and the bullfrog chorus is going on every night, just across the road at the "big lake" as Nick likes to call it. There is plenty of fishing to do!
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Debra@Common Ground said...

I wholeheartedly agree, sounds wonderful! You're "girls" are real cuties, and the black-eyed susans are beautiful, Hope you're having a great start of the summer. I'll be in touch this coming week.

Jill said...

I've taken "the pledge" ... thank you for the inspiration!!

Linda said...

Just hopped over from Common Ground...I am happy to be a new follower!

Kathy said...

Hello Carolyn...My first visit here...
Debra sent me and glad she did...
Loved catching up on your sweet blog.
Always a joy to find another kindred spirit!
Your book looks wonderful!
Looking foward to hours and hours of soakinf it in!
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Stop in when time allows...
Love to have you too!

Sandra said...

Can't wait until your new book is released in September...I have your first book and love it.

Roberta said...

Love the 'girls' Carolyn and congrats on the book! Can't wait to get my hands on it.xoR

AnticaTreasures said...

Love your design style and your chickens are sooo pretty!

Have a lovely day!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

I'm with you, let the summer fun begin NOW!

Just found your lovely blog thru Debra @ Common Ground, and I've just become a follower so I'll never miss a post!

Please stop by and visit me!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

sweetpea said...

Hi Carolyn! Looking forward to coming to Texas in Sept. and the release of your new book.



nancarts said...

Hi Carolyn,
Just popped over from Debra's blog.
I am now a follower! Would love your new book so here's hoping I win! Thanks for your generosity.

Smiles and Blessings,

Yaya Chique said...

Okay...Greg wants to know if ya'll have a room ready for us? :) Have a great summer my friend and give our love to everyone! xo...deb

Brenda-shabbycatsandroses said...

Hello, I just came over from Debra's blog, Common Ground, and found out about the wonderful giveaway she is having with your book. I hope to be one of the have a wonderful blog, and I am so happy to have found it, and have signed on as one of your newest followers :)

I look forward to visiting again soon. Have a lovely week, warmest, Brenda

Terry said...

I'm so excited to know you have a new book! Can't wait to take a peak at your blog and see what you're creating!

Bonnie said...

Love your post about enjoying all the little things about summer. Glad I heard about your blog from Debra. Your book sounds wonderful.

clustres said...

I would love to win your book from Debra's giveaway! I have your first book! And I am already a follower!

★All Thingz Related★ said...

Can't wait to read your new book! Hoping to win it over at Common Ground! ~Bridgette

Moments of Grace said...

I am completely fascinated by your lovely blog. I love every photo and find such inspiration in your work.

I am entering the giveaway drawing hosted by Debra@Common Ground. I would love to win your new book and draw even more inspiration from your decorating skills.

Blessings to you today.

In Grace,