Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Carolyn Westbrook: Live from NYC

As I go through the revolving door and the doorman greets me, I think, yes it is just like in the movies. You can feel the pulse of New York as you step out on to the streets. My agent and I walk the 3 block trek to the showroom on 5th Avenue to see the new Carolyn Westbrook Fall/Winter 2012 collection. You have to know, that as big of a control freak as I am, it is scary to not know exactly how it will turn out. The entire space in the showroom has been overhauled to be changed from Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter. This is a private showroom that is owned by one of the biggest 'top of bed' manufacturers in the world. I never knew this world existed. One that is only open to big box retail stores that pass through...the JCP, the Macy's, Dillards, Bed Bath and Beyond and other retail pressure for me. It seems amazing and weird to me, as I walk in and my spot is right in the front. This world of manufacturers are not ones that really merchandise. I now have been in the biggest showrooms in the world and it is beds shoved up against walls. Anyone that knows me, knows that I have to have my 'stuff' and in the showroom is no different. We walk on to the floor and through the door, and there it bedding. This time it really is my bedding from the fabric to the surroundings. I have always dreamed of being able to design my own fabric, and carried my bits and scraps of antique fabrics from the Paris flea markets in my little "hope chest." Finally, they have served as the inspiration for the new bedding. I cannot believe my eyes. My agent, Bob said he would know my reaction in the first few seconds. My heart is in my throat and beating fast...success. It looks magnificent. The showroom is full of energy, as all of the sales people and designers come in from all over the world. Heidi, who is a designer and just came in from Shang Hai, where she lives, tells me that one of my designs was really tough, but they were pleased with the results. It is the "Collage" collection. Sort of a quilt mixing many different fabrics and colors together in a comforter, with an eclectic and sort of bohemian feel. It looks amazing. Even better than I expected.
We are there to walk the showroom and give approval...the answer is approved. Woo Hoo!I turn to Bob and give him a big high five.

So, now we are back in Texas, going through the daily routine. Feeding chickens, dogs, and seeing the pear trees blooming, and the trees bursting forth, and it is such a dramatic change from the city, but this is definitely my fit. Where I know that I am home. The kids come rambling in after I get back, telling me to get ready for the Fish Fry at the community center...everyone is going, they say. I walk in the door over at the Fish Fry and I see all of those familiar faces, and everyone is eating, and laughing and hugs, hugs, hugs...nope you can't beat this. No sir, this is what home is all about, right here in Chatfield Texas.

xo Carolyn
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Rakesh said...

This is the marvolus post. Now am in search of Furniture in Baton Rouge. I will get back to you shortly.

Mehul said...

Hi Carolyn, I too love Chatfield. It is really a peaceful place.

~ Mehul
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