Thursday, March 15, 2012

Carolyn Westbrook: Live from the Plantation

 It is spring break and could not resist the warm weather outside. Decided to light the chandelier and head out for dinner in the backyard by candlelight. There is something so special about dining outside and candles. Atmosphere is everything, I always say. Joe was busy grilling the perfect steaks and the teens were excited about homeade apple pie...Yum!
The grass is freshly mowed and that sweet smell of spring is in the air, with everything blooming all at once. Makes you want to go barefoot and feel the earth between your toes...right?
Nicholas caught a few fish yesterday and we had a fish fry last night. Thanks to the good ol cast iron skillet, some buttermilk and cornmeal, it was a delicious feast. Even had some left to share with the neighbors.
Hope you are having a great spring break too. Get out there and enjoy the season! xo Carolyn
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Red Shed Cottage Chic Antiques said...

Wish I could just reach across the Lake and High Five you. It is just so gorgeous now, nothing seems to beat living where we do.
Carolyn, congratulations on your line! I can't wait to see it. It is so heart warming to know that all of your hard work is about to make your dreams a reality. Then we can all say...I remember when...
Lots of love,