Thursday, August 13, 2009

Carolyn Westbrook: Summer FIreworks

Ahhh. Smell that morning air. Hope everyone is having a good Thursday morning. I had to share this with you. Actually, I meant to do this last week and didn't make time. The crepe myrtles are in a majestic glory, in the middle of August, can you believe it??? Usually, this time of year everything is dead and dry. I walked out this morning, to a gorgeous sunrise and this huge burst of color that reminds me of fireworks. They are absolutely gorgeous. I began to think about how when we first moved here (15 years ago) that I would have coffee outside in the morning, and really appreciate the birds, the trees and all of the beauty that life has to offer. Now, I get so busy and stressed, that I forget to appreciate life and all of the beauty that surrounds each and every one of us. Whether it is in our yard, our house, our loved ones or in whatever form, let's remember to appreciate the good things in life. Especially, the things we love like junkin, decorating, and just a good project in general... nothin wrong with that! Here's to the GOOD STUFF!
XOXO Carolyn
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Kimberly said...

The crepe myrtles are gorgeous this year. I saw a lady outside a store the other day walk up to a crepe myrtle, pull the flowers down, look at them, smell them and break it off. I must have looked at her funny (I was thinking this was odd) because she came over and said she was from northern Iowa and had never seen such beautiful flowering trees. I had to laugh as I told her these were the only things we can keep alive in our Texas heat. Since then I've looked at our crepe myrtles with the respcet they deserve!
Happy Day!
xxx kim

Jennifer Froh said...

Your crepe myrtles are gorgeous! I just love all the flowers! They really are spectacular! I'm glad you were able to enjoy the beauty of the day.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture,Carolyn.

trash talk said...

I'll drink to that...just let me get my shaker!