Saturday, July 24, 2010

Carolyn Westbrook: Last Day at Carolyn Westbrook Home

Happy Summer!
Today is the last day, for those of you, who have not made it out to the Limited Engagement: Store Event in Dallas. It has been a great time, getting to meet many of you, sign some books, and sell some beautiful things that will find good homes to enhance. Today will be the last day, and we close the doors at 5p.m. so if you are looking for wholesale priced bedding, pillows, trying to create a room or just refresh one, then we hope to see you there. The store is located at

5211 Bonita
Dallas, Texas (Right off of Henderson)

I know it has been crazy hot this summer, but we are managing to stay cool with trips through the sprinkler, and if we stay in the shade, then it is actually nice, when we catch a breeze and the trees are rustling, and the locusts humming. We were outside the other evening, after the sun had gone down, and the kids were making smores, and it was really wonderful. Nightime is so different. The toads came out and were hopping across the back porch, thankfully chasing mesquitos. Victoria had candles glowing across the table, and a few bottles of Pelligrino, with lime and crushed ice, and mint. Delicious and so refreshing. I love things like this. The lightening bugs were out and we could here those bullfrogs croaking loud from both ponds.

When we opened our grand opening at the store, we had a wonderful handcrafted bird cage, which we still have for sale (by the way), and we decided to buy these beautiful Sterling doves. They are a pair, husband and wife, now named Nick and Nora, and we hated the thought of leaving them at the store over the weekend, so they now reside at the plantation. The day after I bring them home, my mom decides to put a little nest in there. The nest was not even real, it was one of my 'for sale' nest. Anyway, the two of them got in there, and to all of our surprise, the next day there was an egg. Nora laid an egg. UNBELIEVABLE.

The day after, there were two. I could not believe it. We were all so excited about the thought of seeing baby doves, right there in our home. So, it has been a week and she pushed one of the eggs out and it cracked, and nothing formed in it, so she obviously knew that it was not fertile. Nora is still sitting on the other, and we are watching everyday to see what happens.
t Here is a photo of one of our outbuildings, the Dr.'s office, as it was originally in the 1800's. This is where my studio is housed and inside is where we shot the "Where Women Create" book. I do love the porch, which is where we do our potting and re-potting. Right outside this on the lawn is where we had our smore party the other night.
I hope you all are having a wonderful summer and making lots of memories. Here's to not even having to leave the house to have fun. Just a box of graham crackers, a Hershey's chocolate bars, and marshamallows, will do the trick.

xoxo Carolyn
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sweetpea said...

Hi Carolyn. I have loved that outbuilding since first seeing it in your book.



Sarah said...

Carolyn, I hope to get to your beautiful store some time. A trip to Dallas is bound to be in my future.
Hope you are enjoying a delightful weekend. ~ Sarah

Tamra said...

Wow, baby doves! That would really be something.

I have a pair of doves that live on our property and they coo every morning and every evening. I love it when they sometimes, rarely, but sometimes walk around the property together. One time I looked out to see them walking side by side up the drive way towards the house as if coming to visit, it was hilarious.

Always enjoy seeing pictures of your beautiful home.

Thank you,


Debra@Common Ground said...

Summer sounds wonderful at your place, reminds me of growing up in the country. We had no air conditioning in our 1840's farmhouse! Tried the delicious drink with lime and refreshing! And the Dr's office was my favorite part of your book. I love the front porch and your potting area. I would have loved to have made it to see your store, I know it was a huge success!

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless.. said...

OMgosh, this house has been a dream of mine every since I was 19 years old and first saw Gone with the Wind. I even lived in Georgia for 3 years and I go back when ever I can. I love love love the south. I'm going back in to check you out more.