Friday, November 21, 2008

This was a long time coming!

O.K. I admit it...this is my first blog. I love reading other people's blogs and have been meaning to do this for years, and never had the time, so here it is.

I hope that everyone will participate because I would love to hear what is on your mind. Everyone knows that I live to decorate, re-decorate and go junkin! Lately, I have been getting my junkin fix. Was at Canton Flea Market this past weekend, with my friend Heidi (who owns Cloverleaf Boutique) and she is now famous because she was in the May issue of "Country Living." You will know her when you see her because she drives a hot pink Escalade. Her and her pink standard poodle "Fergi" can be seen tooling around with junk hanging out of the back of it. We had a great time and bought lots of treasures, many of which, I will not want to part with, as I get attached to much of my junk. Some of my favorite finds:

Tiny Old Trophy Cups

Old Clocks


I got Heidi a fabulous old Motel sign. Would not work for me, but perfect for her funky collection and she was very excited!

Next time we will document with photos...sorry none this time.

I would like to thank all of you who came to Warrenton Texas for Roundtop Antiques Week, which turned out to be our biggest show yet! That is the most fun anyone can have, I think. What could be better than good friends, good junkin, and good food??? Thanks again to all that came by to see us, including my friends in the biz:

Of course, my good friend Gina Tomalleri and Alan who own "Country Garden" Antiques on Parkhouse in Dallas Texas. This is one fabulous store and if you have not been there, then you need to go!

My good friend, Debbie York who has a tent down the way from me, and also has fabulous stuff!

I saw Chris Brown from Urban Prairie, along with Robin Brown and John, the "Magnolia Pearl" crew. Robin is always beautiful and fantastically creative and I luv the jeans, Jon.

Peg and Jon Van Dyne who own "French Vanilla" who are also some of the best in the biz. Peg and I actually had time to visit, which we never have time, so that was great.

Of course, my friend Carol Kurtz, who makes me laugh and who I have a great time with!

My friends, Amie, Jolie and Janie from the "Junk Gypsies" were of course the life of the party on "Prom Night."

Portia Maloney, from "Garden Party" Diane from "Buy Buy Birdie" and Julia from "Bay Window" were all there for shopping and dining adventures and made things the "funnest" ever.

I actually got to stop and chat with Debbie Doosenberry from the "Curious Sofa."

Was missing my friend Cheryl Rogers, who has been in every magazine known to man, and who many of you know sells antique French ribbon.

Enjoyed seeing Francis Bailey from "Country Living" and missing my old friend, Mary Lou.

I will try and add links to all of my friends websites that you can check out...know you will enjoy!

Hope to see everyone this Mother's Day at the Urban Market show in Houston. It is supposed to be spectacular. It is a small show, only 18 dealers, but it is the cream of the crop from what I have heard. My friend, Janet Weibe is doing it, and in my opinion she has some of the best "stuff" that I have ever seen. Most of my favorite, incredible pieces have come from her, so you better check it out.

My daughter will be going off to college in the fall, which makes me sad, but we are making the most of it, by planning her dorm room. We are doing a total makeover and hope to have photos of it on the blog, when that comes about in a few months.

Plans are in the process for presenting a new book idea that would include my favorite creators, which many I am fortunate enough to call friends, and I think that women would love it! With the success of the "Where Women Create" and "Carolyn Westbrook Home" it is about time to start a new project. After the contract problems for the third book, it kind of took the wind out of my sails about the book biz, but ready to get back into it.

We have new licensing representation with Angela Marquez. She has just the expertise that we need and understands our brand. We are looking forward to a long prosperous relationship. If you have any leads for licensing that you would like to pass on, do not hesitate to tell us all about it.

So, that's it for now. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and adding some photos...would be so much more interesting. Hope to see you in Houston!