Saturday, September 19, 2009

Carolyn Westbrook: Glad to see me go!

Well, it is that time of year again, where we take advantage of all of the labor that we can find to load a 26 ft. truck, and 16 ft. trailer for our bi-annual trek to the biggest show of the YEAR! My kids go running for the HILLS!

As you can see here, I wore everyone out and they shouted thanks to the heavens as the big truck was finally loaded and ready to head on down the road.
Even Jack (our big black lab) was exhausted. He has to run around and pretend to chase squirrels the entire time we are outside, just to prove to us how worthy he really is.

Alex passed out in the road a couple of times, and when we were done, the drama queen passed out in the middle of the road. Good thing that road is not very busy, right Alex. You see, the harder that you make this job out to be, the bigger the shopping spree at the mall. Alex thinks that she is worth an entire day of shopping at Northpark.

Victoria on the other hand, my little minister in the family, was singing her praises that the job was done, and she could be done with me for two weeks and
have plenty of cash for gas and "hanging out" after her college work was done.

It's funny, my kids make out like this is the worst thing ever, but the teens from around here, come out of the woodwork when it is time to load, and they are willing and able, and much cheaper I might add. So, you kids of mine better watch out or your shopping days are over.

You hear that she still outside in the road???? It's getting mighty late, perhaps I should go check.

Nicholas is not pictured here because he has already taken off on his 4-wheeler. He high-tailed it out of here, as soon as we said the word, DONE! Was that Done or Dad....I think he got to leave early. Him and his posse of boys are a big help to us, and they are getting to those teenage years, where they can lift more than anyone else...and that my friends is a good thing. The only down side is you have to feed them.

So, as we head off down the road, we will miss everyone (for two weeks)those three teens of ours, Nick, Victoria, and Alex, Our dogs, Jack, Bella, Princess Teddy, and Mom, Dad, and even the long for now, but HELLO ZAPP HALL!

XOXO Carolyn
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Friday, September 18, 2009

Carolyn Westbrook: Countdown to Warrenton

So, not only do you get the best shopping trip of your life, you get the best party too! We are less than a week away until the excitement begins. Make sure to hang on to all of the tips that I have provided when you get here, they will come in handy.

Thursday night Oct.1st is the best party this side of the Mississippi. It is late night shopping at Zapp Hall. This is the place to be! At 6pm they begin FREE, that's right FREE Belinee's and a FREE load of snacks, and we are open until 8pm for late night shopping. You can shop, have a beverage and some tasty snacks, all at the same time. It is truly a majical and later, wild night.

It is then time for the famous, JUNK GYPSY PROM. I promise that you have never seen anything like it. So, be sure to pack that vintage prom dress, a feather boa and as much bling and as many petticoats as you can possibly fit. Oh, and don't forget the boots they are crucial to the Junk Gypsy Prom look. Forgot yours...don't worry, my friends, Amie, Janie, and Jolie will have plenty of petticoats, t-shirts, and bling for sale. The official site is the Junk Gypsy tent and they furnish a live band. Then over in my neck of the woods is another band
playing. and hundreds of happy party goers.

Pictured here is Cash, Jolie's son with the singer of the band.

Below that is the entire JG crew with my daughter, Victoria. Gotta love the funky and fun outfits. Love it!

Pictured last is the most incredible get-ups the "One night Stands." Get it? They have nightstands around their waists and lampshades crowning their heads...this was hysterical.

Food Tip: If you are hungry for dinner, no need to go any further than Royers at Zapp Hall. They have wonderful gourmet comfort food, with everything from quail to Beef Tenderloin to Texas Cavier. It is always a great meal, and very fun environment.

If this does not convince you that this is where you need to be, then nothing will. I hope to see everyone there soon.
XOXO Carolyn
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Carolyn Westbrook: Warrenton Countdown

Y'all getting excited yet? Let's hear it. Not long now, so thought that we should touch on the fact, that everyone is loading up and puttin on the dog...getting ready for the good times at Zapp Hall.

Make sure that when you come in on hwy 237( From Brenham), the first stop to the right is the La Bahia show. Make sure that you pull the car over for this one. It is worth the stop. This needs to be put on the list as a must see. In fact, you could see this field, then jump in the car and head on down 237, there are fields on both sides for you to explore. If you have the time, you can head back to Marburger Farms for a second look. Your wristband is good for the entire show, so be sure not to throw it away!

Once you make it back into Warrenton, across the street from us is the Campbell Building. You will see the red trim on this building. They have a party...I believe Tues. night, but check in with them to verify. My friend Haley Johnson of Cottage Gatherings is here.

Food Tip: Last show they had a wonderful eatery at the back of the Campbell bldg. with tasty, healthy treats like spinach salad with strawberries and pistachios...YUM. All kinds of yummy different types of salads with delicious goat cheese, sandwiches and such.

O.K. here is our dinner tip for the day...if you are up for a little drive (20 minutes from the show) in Giddings, Texas (Off of 290), there is a FABULOUS mexican restaraunt there called Jalisco's. In the strip mall with Wal-mart, which seems a bit unusual, but we laugh because two of the best restaraunts that we have eaten at are in this same strip. One is Jalisco's, which has an all-you-can-eat buffet on Friday and I think, Sat. Includes fajitas, shrimp, all kinds of stuff, and is well attended. I am not much on buffets, but everyone raves about this one.

We always get the same thing, which is the Guadalajara ( not spelled correctly, but I tried). We are definitely a good judge of Tex-Mex and this is REALLY good. This plate is huge and you will have some left for later. If you like Chile Relleno(ask for poblano pepper) then this is the place for you. They make a good margarita too.

If you like the scenic trip then come back the next night to the Hunan Chinese, right down from Jalisco's. They have some of the freshest ingredients around, and the vegetables have a good crunch, which I love. Everything that we have had here is very good. If you can make it, it is definitely worth the trip.

Tip: bring along a good bottle of wine or you can buy some at the Wine Shop in Roundtop, and have a little end of the day "Show N Tell" party. We all gathered in a hotel room, and had a challenge, a contest if you will, where we all looked for the best purchase of the day, but the spending limit was $5. Yea! I won the last one.. I found a beautiful antique silver plate monogrammed napkin ring for $5. We figured out a little prize for the winner. Just a fun little get-together for all of us and would be great for you and your girlfriends.
See you soon! XOXO Carolyn
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Carolyn Westbrook: Warrenton Countdown

Friends...I just checked and there were some rooms available. If you have been wanting to come to the show, now is a good time to see if there have been cancellations and you could find a room. WHOO HOO! This could be your lucky day. I am telling you, this show is not just great for merchandise, but a favorite vacation spot with the girls. Last year, we had a group of women show up that came for one of the girl's b-day. Her husband had a huge rental truck sent in for them to load up, but in the back of the truck, prior to their load, had it decorated with tables, chairs, streamers, a complete birthday party with cake, in the back of a rental truck. What a great husband!!!!

Tuesday, Sept. 29th is the opening of Marburger Farms. There is a $25 fee for early shopping. There are numerous huge tents and buildings at the venue. Some of the best vendors do this show, including my good friend Janet Wiebe. SHe is in a tent in the back of the field, next to Marie and Simone, who you have seen on my blog from New Orleans. I have always said that some of the best pieces in my home come from Janet and Marie's is FABULOUS as well. You cannot miss them. Also, along the fence row at the front of the show in the long row of tents, you will find French Vanilla, Peg and Jon Vandyne. Need I say more??? Most everyone knows them and try not to get trampled in the herd that is headed for their booth. There is so much to see here you could certainly spend a whole day. In another tent look for my friends, Austin Woodhenge. They have handcrafted reproduction book plates, framed with handpainted frames, along with handmade wooden stools and all kinds of interesting finds. They are quite the talented couple, Kathy and Donny Gross.

If you wait until later, the price for entry does go down, but there is something about rushing off to your favorite booth.

Food tip: Back down in Warrenton TX. right off of Hwy 237 you will find the Legal Tender Saloon. They have incredible pimento cheese that is made with 5 cheeses on homeade bread, and incredible bar-b-que. We like the beef stew, but sells out quickly. There is indoor seating for this eatery, and it is a great place for lunch.

If you do decide to head out to Marburger Farms, make sure to tell all my friends, that Carolyn sent ya! Hope to see you there!
XOXO Carolyn
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Carolyn Westbrook: The computer crashed and so did I

Friends, Sorry that my countdown to Warrenton, came to a hault. It has been a tough time around here. My computer decided to crash at the same time, I did. I woke feeling like death on Sunday and was scavenging the house for the kid's leftover antibiotics. Those of you that are Moms know exactly what I am talking about. I found some and took that along with everything else that I could think of. Felt better than death a few hours later, but still horrible. Now those who know me know that I would rather have my arm chopped off than go to the doctor, but this time I had to go. I took my computer to the Dr. first and then headed to the local convient care clinic. Got there at 8:30 am and they said that I would have to wait until 3:00 pm perhaps later, to be seen. (Are you kidding me???)I made an appointment for my regular Doctor in Frisco (1.5 hrs from here) and dragged myself up there. Turns out that I was really sick. Got lots of medicine and trying to get over this. I HATE BEING SICK and this is not the time. I have things that have to get done, as we start loading the 26 ft. truck this weekend.

Moving on. Let's move on to the countdown. Next, if you are in for inspiration, you have to go see Mark Dooley's field, which sits on the East side of clutter on the corner of 237. You will see the metal buildings and this is the designer district. Lots of high end Fabulous European finds to be found here. (Picture left)

If you and your friends are looking for a cup of coffee and a great breakfast one morning, then head to Roundtop square to Klumps. It is a down home little building with simple breakfast fare. You will be greeted with mismatched tables, chairs, and old-timey hardwood floors... these folks know how to cook a good breakfast. My only warning, and I hope that they do not take offense, is make sure you have plenty of time. This is not a fast paced city restaraunt. It is worth the wait!

While tooling down the road back toward Warrenton from Klumps, make sure to stop at the "Texas Rose" show. It is worth stopping for. They have several tents and buildings, and many of my friends are here. They know how to put on a show. I think one of the best shows here. So, be sure to check it out and tell Lily and Margaret that Carolyn sent you!

XOXO Carolyn
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Carolyn Westbrook: Countdown to Warrenton

Day 3

Here are some more fall photos of the CWH booth at Zapp Hall. I think that Zapp Hall hosts some of the best talent in the biz, and looking at these photos think that you will agree.
(Left) This is a shot of my good friend's Debbie (talkin trash) and Danny York. There's is not to be missed. Here the good junk is plentiful and the prices are right, so make sure that you make it here. Also, if you go around the corner, in front of Zapp Hall, you will find Theresa's booth, and it is a perfect place to stop by. Also, very inspiring and great prices.
The next shot down is also Debbie and Cat Daddy's booth. Behind my building be sure not to miss my good friend, Gina from Country Garden Antiques. She is the QUEEN of Christmas. If it is vintage Christmas ornaments that you crave, then be sure to see her booth.
Make sure to plan plenty of time to spend here at this field. There is so much to see here, including my friends at the Junk Gypsies. This is the spot for funky furnishings and clothing with the Junk Gypsy brand.

For those who want a great nightime dining experience there is no place else like Royers Cafe. Make sure to make your reservations in advance. If you are a steak lover, then they have a treat for you. It is simply the best steak that I have ever had and we travel all over the world. It is called the OMG steak and it is. Their homeade rolls are wonderful and they come with a sweet spread. In fact, everything that i have ever had here is good. Now, you will have to wait a while, even with reservations. But not to worry...the wait is half the fun. They have an "honors" cooler (except if you happen to be an attorney, then it is cash first HAHA!) tha't what is says on the cooler. It is filled with beer and wine, and you can have a seat and visit with all of the other fellow antiquers. You are bound to meet some new friends. Oh, and don't forget the pie. Royer's is famous for their pie, and they have a bazillion different kinds, and they do ship. Make sure to tell Bud that Carolyn Westbrook sent ya!
Bon Appetite! XOXO Carolyn
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Friday, September 11, 2009

Carolyn Westbrook: Update on my last post

I just found out that the last tip, regarding Curious Goods is incorrect. She will be at Marburger Farms this show, which I will post more on later. So, disregard my information on where to find her. You will still want to peruse the "Bar W" field. You never know what you will find, and there are deals to be found.
Happy Junkin!

Carolyn Westbrook: Countdown to Warrenton


Once you have been to Clutter, then in the field to the west of Clutter (backs up to Clutter) on the West side...I think that this is Bar "W" field. You can park at the back here. Look for my friend Donna at Curious Goods. She was in with Renee last year and Renee has FABULOUS stuff too, but thinking she is not going to be there this time, setting up, just here to shop. She is right along the fence row, if you go down the trail next to the fence, she is down toward the end of the tents facing West. You will see the wonderful collections as you near the tent. Her merchandise is wonderfully odd and she has very inspiring display on how to use things in a different way, which I love.

In fact, this whole field is great to peruse for great junk.

Forgot to mention yesterday...Clutter also has a little eatery at the show. They have really yummy healthy fare, and a variety of coffees and teas. There is a shaded dining area and is a great resting spot to have a little bite and something to drink.

TIP: Make sure that you have a purse or tote bag with a bottled water. This is Texas and it can get mighty hot in Sept. It is VERY important to stay hydrated. Also, bring a bite stick and put in your purse. Texas also has fire ants and if you happen to get bit while out in the fields, it is good to have a bite stick to kill the sting.

For nightime dining; If you are planning on eating at the original Royers Cafe in Roundtop, you will need to make reservations, and they will ask for a credit card, and it is nonrefundable. F.Y.I.

See you there!
XOXO Carolyn
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Carolyn Westbrook: Step Right Up...Fall Warrenton 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up for the most fabulous show on earth. Do not be afraid and let's not get overwhelmed, we are here to help. Of course, we are talking about the upcoming Warrenton/Roundtop Antiques Extravaganza. It is simply not to be missed and we can help you out with the top attractions, where you will find the best food, antiques, parties, etc. We are here to give you all of our years of experience and information and it won't cost you a cent.
Our show will be opening just two weeks from tomorrow! Can you believe it???
I will be doing the 10 days of Warrenton...which will be a special countdown, until the week that we leave with some great tips and information every single day, starting today.

Tip of the day: (Day 1)
Friday, September 25th is the day we open at Carolyn Westbrook Home. We will be selling at the show at WHOLESALE PRICES, so if you have been itching to re-do that stale bedroom of yours, now is your chance. We will also have our FABULOUS one-of-a-kind finds.

I have to tell y'all a funny story. One of my customers came in on Friday (opening) , I was tagging a statue for her that she wanted, and I asked what name she wanted on the SOLD tag...she says to "mark it Zitch." I am like, that is an unusual last name, she says, that's not my name, but everytime I get here, these zitches have already been in here and bought up all of the great stuff, so this time, I am the zitch! I loved it...fell out over that one. So, now everytime we see her, that is her name...Ms. Zitch.

After you have finished here, do not miss the opening party for "CLUTTER." It is amazing. Located in an old house right off of HWY 237 you cannot miss it with the big sign that says "Clutter." It is in Warrenton, but East of Zapp Hall and before Marburger on the right (if you are headed East.) They have wonderful horsdeurves, wine, beer, soda, for their guests, but the best part is the heaping headful of inspiration that you will get here. The dislay is wonderful along with the merchandise. You are sure to find some treasure or trinket and for you ladies (or guys) that love transferware as much as I do, you will not leave empty handed. It is super crowded for this event, so get there early. I think the party starts at 5:00, but may be 4: 3opm. Would not hurt to get there early as there is a line.
Same goes for us, the early bird, gets the worm.

Here is the food tip of the day. If you find yourself at Zapp Hall (before Royers opens) and need a quick bite then look no further than the Diamond Shamrock gas station. They have the best sandwiches, and Doris will make it herself. They are made on homeade bread and are HUMONGEOUS!!! no kidding, the meat is piled 3" had better split it with a friend. They have wonderful red rind cheese, turkey, ham, whatever you like, and check the cooler for all kinds of bottles of sweet tea, diet sweet tea with mint, all kinds of YUMMY flavors. I'm from the south, so love the iced tea selection! At the counter, they have homeade sweet treats, that are made by the local ladies. So, stop in, grab a sack lunch and head out for a picnic lunch under a big tree, with your favorite shopping buddies. Believe me, with so much to see, you'll need the recharge.

Hope you guys enjoy the daily countdown and the tips and info, and better be seeing you down the road, at ZAPP HALL!
XOXO Carolyn
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Carolyn Westbrook: Field Trip

Ladies...and gentleman too, it is time to confirm those hotel reservations for the upcoming Warrenton/Roundtop Antique Extravaganzzza! Get ready to get that car packed up and hit the road, because in three weeks, it is time for the biggest ANTIQUE show on earth! I will be posting important info, like the dates, which is 9/25/2009-10/3/2009, so important to know when to come. This show goes for miles and includes several towns, and different shows, open different days. I always recommend getting there early, especially at our shop, the early bird gets the best stuff to choose from. We open on Friday, 9/25/2009.
When you come in on 237 just keep on coming til you get into Warrenton, and look for the ZAPP HALL sign. You will see a Diamond Shamrock station...I recommend pulling in there and you can park in the parking lot in the back. This is a pretty central location.

I have enclosed a shot of Gina and I shopping at Warrenton. I love Warrenton because there are deals to be had, out in the fields. You never know what you will find. I think that Zapp Hall is the best field, and that is why, that is where you will find me. We have a little cottage there and a Big Tent, that is filled to the brim with all of our Carolyn Westbrook Home bedding, pillows, lamps, lampshades, slipcovers, and home accessories. THESE ARE AT WHOLESALE PRICES (DURING THE SHOW ONLY)Not to mention our fabulous one-of-a-kind antique treasures that we find along the way. We are known for creating an entire environment with slipcovered sofas, cabinets filled with ironstone, wonderful paintings and antique prints, so that our customers really can have a one-stop shop to decorate the rooms in their homes. We have done all the work and put it all together from antique iron beds, bedding, night stands, mirrors, wall art, cabinets, whatever you need. We have antique cabinets, harvest tables, all sizes and kinds of tables this trip, along with a primitive workbench, French bistro set (black and white), metal patio furniture, some pink, some cream with our signature Carolyn Westbrook Home cushions in coordinating pink, cream or green florals and stripes to match. It appears as a room setting when we are finished, with all of the work already done. Of course, we have Ironstone platters, dishes, and such, along with trophy cups, antique books, and anything that we think makes for the perfect combination.

I have included a list (Above)of things that you will want to bring on your junkin adventure in the gorgeous Texas Hill Country! So, get a sitter for the kids, the dog, the cat, the husband ( or bring him along) anything that is holding you back, cause you gotta come.

Not to be missed, this trip...we will feature some special pieces of our new CWH line of linen clothing. These will be a must have... in colors like chocolate brown, oatmeal, white, midnight, and moss, you are gonna love these and they are special! After the shopping...

Zapp Hall features Royers Cafe, where you can sit and enjoy a glass of wine, beer, or good 'ol southern tea in the beer garden, while you listen to live music! Let's not forget a glass of bubbly at the champagne lounge. The food at Royer's is to die for, especially the pie! They have the best shrimp BLT that you have ever had, if you've ever had one. I think it is a Royer's creation. It is the ultimate in gourmet comfort food, all enjoyed in the ambience, while gathering with your buds, showing off your finds! Hello...does it get any better?
We stay up til whenever, having show and tell and last year Gina even furnished a craft project for our late night get-together.

Check out local hotels in Brenham TX. to find accomodations.
Hope we will see you there!
XOXO Carolyn
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