Saturday, May 29, 2010

Carolyn Westbrook: Happy Memorial Day and Happy Summer!

Happy Memorial Day: from the Plantation!
From all of us at Carolyn Westbrook Home, to all of you, we hope that you have a wonderful holiday weekend! Whether you are sleeping late, something that we all rarely do, but hey, now that the kids are out of school, let's all try and do that, shall we. Let's make a pledge right now, that we are going to enjoy this summer. I know, I know, we say that every year, but this year will be different, because we will make it so, right? So, everyone get those pinkies up in the air and pinkie swear: This summer, I pledge to spend lots of time with family and friends. I will actually read a book and not just read a book or two, but finish them. Preferably, while lying in the sun, whether in some exotic location on the beach or next to the kids blow-up swimming pool (that the top ring has deflated on, and we cannot figure out how to use the patch kit or even know where it is) but hey, it still holds water, right! Cheers to that! Here's to being positive, more loving and being appreciative for what we have (we may not have anything but a splash pool, but thank God for that) and to just being fun to be around, you know, like when you were when you were a kid! Here's to getting excited about the little things in life, like a big ol glass of iced tea, Whoo Hoo! Here's to embracing those warm temperatures (It has been no time ago that I was griping about the snow) and lets be thankful of the long daylight hours, and for lightening bugs! I saw some last night as I was walking down the driveway. Your time to start living life to the fullest, STARTS NOW!

Here is to peaceful sun-filled days. Let's vow to rock on the porch or at least sit outside, go fishing or paint a room, to make s'mores with the kids or have a bike ride. Whatever it is, just remember to enjoy and to count your blessings, because we are all blessed to live in a country that we are free to do all of that. Thanks to all of the men and women that have protected us and continue to do so! God Bless the United States of America and all of us that call it home!
P.S. Summer begins NOW! Get our there and enjoy it!

Get out there and garden, girls! It's Summer! Let's get our hands dirty cuz we can always wash them off with the hose.
The girls say hi! as they cluck about this morning! Say hi to Willemena, Babs, Roxie, Cluck, Peck, and Big Fat White Hen, who doesnt like to be photographed!

Here's to the easy, breezy days of Summer! The crickets chirping and the bullfrog chorus is going on every night, just across the road at the "big lake" as Nick likes to call it. There is plenty of fishing to do!
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Monday, May 17, 2010

Carolyn Westbrook: The Big Reveal

Could not wait to get back from my makeover trip to be able to share this
reveal. This was a friend who allowed me to do whatever I wanted, just create her
perfect dream house was the order. I spent months collecting all of the pieces necessary
to create a vision. I wanted a Marie Antoinette look, with French landscape prints, antique busts,

These are the before and after photos.
French books, and all of the other fabulous elements that came together to make
this look. The rooms were not large, so it was important to be able to create specific rooms using
a fabulous divider with gorgeous linen curtains. It also needed dramatic touches of color with
the touch of black elements. The room was dark and needed the beauty of lighting. The couch
on the left was an antique pale green couch with lots of tufting and we added pale green silk pillows
that are just to die for. The black shades add to the room and tie in beautifully with the zebra rug.
A skirted ottoman, comfy throws, and aged tarnished silver completed the look. I was thrilled with
the results and thought that you all would be anxious to see.

I will post the bedroom pics next. Let me hear your thoughts.
XOXO Carolyn

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Carolyn Westbrook: Here it is...The French Inspired Home!!!

Oh my Gosh!!! I was jumping up and down when I opened the envelope and saw this!
Turned out even better than I had hoped. And with that said, just want to send out some
great big hugs and kisses to my photography team, Keith Scott Morton and his assistant, Eric.
Both are not only fabulous people, but just awesome at what they do. We are putting the finishing
touches on the book and also would like to say how great it is to work with such a wonderful
publisher. Thanks to my tireless editor Gillian and to Cindy and David for believing in me.
It is being presold now on Amazon, Borders, and Barnes & Noble. So, now I just need all of
ya'll to please go order one. I cannot wait to see the first copy and will keep you posted on

How about this weather we are having???Gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend.
XOXO Carolyn
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Carolyn Westbrook: Garden Party Sale!

Hi Everyone! Wanted to let you all know that it is time for the annual Garden Party Sale.
This sale takes place in Dallas, Texas at my good friend Portia's. I know that you all have heard me
rave about all of the good stuff that I find and these two friends have incredible stuff. Oh, forgot to
mention that my good friend Gina, Country Garden antiques will be at this event too.
If you all are into the spring cleaning and re-doing like me, then you really need to check this out.
Lots of great stuff esp. the hard to find garden and architectural. Garden urns, statuary, furniture, lots
of really neat odds and ends and bits and pieces...treasures that we all love to find.

Here is the info:
Thursday May 6th- 6-8pm
Friday May 7th 10-3
4224 Allencrest
Dallas, TX. 75244
Questions??? 214-770-3038 Gina

XOXO Carolyn
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