Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Carolyn Westbrook: Super Glam Glam

Hey Everyone. Loving the TV show, "Million Dollar Decorators." Have y'all seen it? Always on the lookout for wonderful interiors and last week, while watching, heard Mary McDonald say..."I'm tired of groovy. I want beautiful." I would have to agree. While I grew up with very contemporary furnishings, and I do love the mix, I do not love a room full of any one look. I too am quite tired of geometric prints and cheap, groovy furnishings. When it comes to the bedroom, I want super glam-glam. A bit contemporary, like a chrome and marble Parsons table, the glamour of a silver leaf mirror, a sparkling chandelier, and Flokati rug, are just the thing. Of course you just cannot have a great interior without vintage pieces and of course the French inspiration. An old French loveseat is paired with a chrome and glass table, and a mercury glass lamp. Still loving me some antique toile curtain panels in cobalt blue which overlay blue velvet panels, that would make Scarlett Ohara jealous. It all comes together to make for the ultimate bedroom, that appeals to all of the senses.I am hoping that everyone will learn to appreciate the beauty, style and sophistication that only the vintage pieces have to offer, and go on the hunt for these to beautify your own home. Happy Hunting!
xo Carolyn
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