Sunday, April 26, 2009

My mother is a Spark Plug! Carolyn Westbrook Home

Anybody that knows me, knows what an inspiration that my mother is to me. She is a Spark Plug. I was so proud as we renovate the man cave, as I am using the circular saw for the first time. Well, I have moved on to the Sawzall and more. Mainly because growing up, my mother was not afraid to tackle anything. They had a very small budget, so she made everything from my clothes, to mirrored coffee tables. She was the Queen of D.I.Y.
So, today we were trying to get a metal screw and bolt off of something and it had rusted on there. I tried the saw, pliers, screwdrivers, everything. My mom (who is in her 70's) and still climbing ladders, says..."I can get that off with the grinder." So, she gets everything set up and sparks are flying everywhere. I am ducking and dodging, screaming "Don't burn me." We are looking like Lucy and Ethel, and she yells out, "Let me know if my hair catches on fire...don't want to burn my hair off!" as the sparks are still flying everywhere.
She is a crazy woman for sure and a inspiration to everyone in our family, as she has the patience of a saint, never raises her voice, and can do just about anything. Debbie (Talking Trash) always refers to her as a true Southern Lady, and she is, not afraid to get her polished nails dirty, and then next thing you know, she is hosting a party in pearls and heels.
Gotta love her and all of us true grit southern women who can do it all, with a baby in one arm and a power drill in the other!
Here's to us!
XOXO Carolyn

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Carolyn and Nick Westbrook's Man Cave

Well, after being gone 2 weeks in Warrenton, I hit the ground running upon returning. I was in serious need for some family time, and the kids were glad to see me, as well. Nicholas and I had been talking about a treehouse, and we began scouting a location for the perfect place. We were walking past one of our log cabins and it hit us that this would make for a great "man cabin." A perfect place for campouts, roasting marshmallows in the fireplace, and telling ghost stories. We got to work straight away and Nick gathered his friends and they got to cleaning the mountains of debris inside. Someone had kicked out the windows, so I set off to get windows for the place. Blake cut back all of the brush in the front, and we began plotting our plan to restore this into a hangout that they could be proud of. The stone fireplace, is pretty much still intact, so we just have a few stones to replace. We made plans for building a loft for sleeping, and of course my mind is racing with thoughts of a rug, plaids, velvets and such. I can see this place turned into the perfect mini log cabin.

I have always had a passion for fixing things up or as my friend Gina would say, "Making a
silk purse out of a sow's ear." Ever since I was a child, I have always been about making a
precious playhouse, tent, or any space that I could find. Know that many of you are the same way and have that same passion, for creating something out of nothing. Our next project is to replace the chinking. It is a great
project for a son and his mom, and all of his four-wheeling pack of friends, who are now like family.
So here's to Blake, Nick, Brian, and Riley. I am trying to teach them what great things can be accomplished with a lot of hard work and some elbow grease. Honestly, these are great boys and I they were all there to help unload from Warrenton, which was great, so they definitely earned this "man Cave." We intend to take pictures along the way, and keep everyone posted on the happenings here. If this plan goes well, we are moving on to the large log cabin, from the 1800's across the road. that place could be fabulous. Whoops, my ADD is kicking project at a time. Hope everyone enjoys seeing the transformation, and would love to hear from you. Also, to all of our friends in Houston, cannot wait to see you at the upcoming Urban Market on May 17th.
XOXO Carolyn
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Monday, April 6, 2009

The Famous Prom Night at Warrenton Texas

Hey Ladies!!!!If you missed the prom or if you did not enjoy your prom, this is your second chance... this is the prom for you! The party at Zapp Hall was in full force and the bands were FABULOUS! This was my daughter Victoria's first trip for prom and she had a blast! I have taken a few shots to give you an idea, but you really need to see it for yourself to believe it!
Here is a shot of little "Cash" who is Jolie's son, pictured with the lead singer. He was dancing the night away.

Here is a shot of Amie and Jolie, and other prom queens gathered around the band and the dance floor.

O.K. these guys were hilarious!!!! They were called the "One Night Stands" and had their night stands built around them, complete with tablecloth, and the lit lampshade on their heads!!! You guys should win the prize for best costume.
Here is a shot of my long time friends Amie and Janie of the Junk Gypsies, pictured here with my sweet daughter, Victoria.
If y'all missed the show, make plans now for the your room now, as they book up months and even years ahead. We will begin selling Sept. 25, 2009 through Oct. 3,2009. Come Early, for best selection of merchandise. There is much to see and you want to see it all, so plan for at least two full days. Will be back in touch to post more pic's! CHeck out our website for more
XOXO Carolyn
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