Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Carolyn Westbrook: A Sad Day in Warrenton and at the Plantation

What started out as just another beautiful day in Warrenton Texas, soon turned tragic with one phone call. All that know me, know my love for my big Schnauzer "Princess" ( pictured on the right.) She was my baby and in my first book, sitting on the couch. She is our baby and pretty much runs the house. One of the smartest girls that I have ever met. She has been battling Cushings Disease and was not well, but doing fairly well when I left for Antiques Week. She suddenly became extremely ill and lost her battle yesterday. I told her that I would see her when I got back, and now realize that she will not be at the door waiting for me when I return. One of the saddest days for the entire family and we have all shed alot of tears. It is truly heartbreaking. I could not have been in a better place, as we sat around the table last night with all of my good friends gathered round, crying with me and offering condolences. Victoria was devastated and we could not find anyone that sold a pet casket locally. I told Victoria that when I was in Minnesota, that I bought a fabulous alligator suitcase with red satin lining and that would be fitting for her. She had a very dignified burial, just wish I was there for it. Later, I told my friends, with the price of caskets, got me thinking...will someone please bury me in a Louis Vuitton trunk. I think that would be much more to my liking... and my Mother laughed for once that day and said, "Honey, we might have to fold you in half." I told her that was ok by me. Princess will be sorely missed and unreplaceable. We all know that she is in a better place and feeling no pain now. Love to all, who understand the great joy and unconditional love that our pets, or should I say family members, bring in our lifetime. Here's to Princess...may you always be in green pastures and I know that you know, how much you were loved. xoxo Carolyn

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Carolyn Westbrook: Paris France or Warrenton Texas

Hey Everyone!!! Excited to see the latest issue (April 2011) of Romantic Home magazine. It is all about the French and it is wonderful. We are happy to be included in the issue with a fabulous spread on the book, The French Inspired Home.
I was thinking...which is better, France or a trip to Warrenton/Roundtop Antiques week. Hard to say. I do absolutley love going to Antiques week and we will be there to see all of our friends at Zapp Hall antique show in Warrenton TX. Starts Friday March 25th-April 2nd. We have some fabulous new prints, and loads of the good stuff that all are searching for. As most of you know, the show goes on for miles and miles and takes several days to see. There are bargains and treasures and inspiration galore. We will have copies of the new book, that I am most happy to sign and look forward to meeting new friends. It is all about gathering and spending time with old friends, meeting new friends with good food, good fun and lots of wonderful shopping adventures. Here's to good times for all. See you there...

xo Carolyn
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