Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Carolyn Westbrook: Summertime at the Plantation

Hey All,

I absolutely love to garden in the summertime. Right now the crepe myrtles are bowing down to the ground, they are so heavy with blooms, and the bees are buzzing about. It is summer in Texas, time for flip flops that can be easily kicked off to cool your feet off with the hose and the sound of screen doors slamming. I drove up the other night and saw the flicker of lightening bugs. It reminded me of when I as a kid. You hardly ever see them anymore, except out here on the dirt roads, where the crickets and the frogs are chirping at night. We have baby frogs everywhere this year.

We have a wonderful mix of blue Salvia, orange Marigolds, pink Impatiens, and yellow Gerber Daisies all mixed up with the Rosemary bushes that give off a great scent as you approach the back door, you can smell it. There are towering topiaries of Basil that is just begging to be sprinkled on some fresh tomatoes. In fact, the other day, we did just that. I made some wonderful bruschetta and it was easy and delicious...here's how:

2-3 vine ripened tomatoes that are chopped into small pieces
4-5 large basil leaves, chopped fine
2 cloves of garlic minced
A couple of squirts of olive oil
A handful of Parmesean cheese sprinkled over the top, along with some sea salt and freshly ground pepper
Mix it all together and sprinkle or dip with toasted bagel chips or garlic bread pieces that are toasted
Also, we have put this over some freshly cooked pasta that has been drained and added some evoo with a pat of butter and the pasta is salted... top with this...YUM!!!

Thanks to Nick, we have some wonderful red, ripe tomatoes, just waiting for the picking. Y'all have to try this!
For all that have a little summer road trip in mind, then I have news for you. This weekend is the Summer Big Red Barn Show in Roundtop Texas, Sat and Sunday, and we will be there! There is some great stuff to be found for your home and don't forget to stop by Royer's cafe for a big'ol piece of their famous homeade pie, in like a zillion flavors. Cherry is my favorite! Maybe you're up for some of their finger-lickin southern fried chicken for dinner on Sunday (that means lunch here in the South). Yes, dinner is lunch and supper is dinner. Anyway, hope to see everyone there, it will be inspiring and a great little summer get-away.

xoxo Carolyn