Saturday, October 30, 2010

Carolyn Westbrook LIve from NYC

This is what welcomed us when we stepped inside the ABC Carpet and Home Store in New York. The chandeliers were breathtaking, all clustered together everywhere. WE had just come from a major department store and I told Victoria that they needed to come over to ABC to see how it was done. STUNNING.

I recognized my friend Cody Foster's product, as I walked in. He designs the coolest stuff. Anyway, you can see for yourself, how great it is. It would be fantastic to be able to see NYC at Christmas time. I have always dreamed of that. I can definitely see why so much design takes place here...the air is charged with inspiration and creativity. Just walking down the street you can gain inspiration!
LOved this all white vignette. You know me and white, we are always in a romance.

Here you can see more gorgeous chandeliers.
They were everywhere. I will continue to post more pics, so keep looking.

I have to go now as we are hosting our annual Weenie Roast and Haunted Hayride tonight! I have to go scare up some haunts around the plantation and make this place a spook house. We have a hay wagon pulled by horses stopping in to take all of the teens through a scary spook filled ride and I havent even started. Wish me luck and I'll keep an eye out for ya!(tee hee)

xo Carolyn
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Friday, October 29, 2010

Carolyn Westbrook: Live from NYC

That's right, NYC....can you believe it. Things have been a whirlwind lately. First, off to Atlanta to do the Country Living book signing at Stone Mountain and then hopped a plane back home to head to NYC with Victoria and Robert, my licensing agent. It was Victoria's 21st birthday and what better way to celebrate than Times Square?

I have so much to catch up on and will post pics of the Country Living show in Atlanta later. I met a lot of great people there, as usual.

We got to NYC and picked up in a limo (which Victoria loved) and off to the that's something that doesn't happen everyday and we enjoyed every minute of it. I was there for some meetings, but we managed to get in some free time.
A long time friend of mine, who grew up in New York told me to go to a place for dinner...Frankie and Johnny's for steak. He said if it was not the best steak that I have ever eaten then he would buy. Well...I happen to think that Royer's has the best steak that I have ever eaten, and have a loyalty to the family. Well...they brought out a Porterhouse for two, sliced off the foot long bone, cooked to doubt the best steak that I have ever had. We had to leave half of it there, we could not begin to eat it all. Then off to see Chicago, (the musical not the city) which was fantastic. The next morning there were meetings and after that, I told Victoria we had to head to ABC Carpet and Home. I will post pics of that in the next post. All I can tell you is that it lives up to the hype. It was fantastic. It was my mothership. Unbelievable!!!! For women and guys like gotta go. You are going to be drooling. Here are a few shots that I took along the way of the city. Times Square has changed drastically and the Toys R Us with the 3 story ferris wheel was unbelievable.

As you can see...lots of police everywhere and we felt totally safe there. It was amazing and they are not kidding...the city that never sleeps. At midnight the stores are open and people are shopping like it is a Saturday afternoon.

Here is some shots of some of the musicals playing on Broadway.
Still have not been to the Polo store yet....maybe next time.
Iwish that we could have all been there together to see the ABC store...but I took a bunch of pics, so it is like you were there.
Will post more pics as soon as I can!!!!

xoxo Carolyn
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Friday, October 8, 2010

Carolyn Westbrook: Back at the Plantation

It's so good to be home! I have missed all of you, but we did have quite the time at the big Warrenton/Roundtop show. For all of you that came out to see a new look and a new book, thanks so much. We sold out of books in a few days, so I apologize for not having enough on hand. We had no idea what to expect and were quite surprised at the turn out and the excitement, and I appreciate that like you will never know.

Here are some shots from the booth, sporting our latest collection of gray, white and magenta. I thought it turned out very dramatic and I love it when a plan comes together. We met many people and some very interesting characters. The blog party was much fun at Theresa Cano's venue and thanks to her for putting that together.
Rick at Marburger Farms was fantastic and made us feel right at home. Thanks to you for letting us sell some books and what a wonderful show.

Hope all that came had a good time...the weather was FANTASTIC! I found some new treasures and brought back presents for my sweet mom.

So, I went to Lowe's last night to buy Nick a utitlity trailer, as he is quite busy, mowing yards, etc. While I was waiting for the manager to go unlock a trailer, I saw a magazine on the rack with pics from the new book on the exciting. It was the new "Romantic Country" magazine. So, I grab up the only two copies and flipping through like a crazy woman, and then I see the book pages on several pages. Woo Hoo! So, the clerk says, What??? I tell her about my new book and the magazine coverage, and she is like..."ok lady, pay up and move on."
Honestly, I am going to do a little plug for Lowes...they were so good. We had three people outside getting the trailer on my Suburban, changing the ball on the hitch, putting a converter on the lights, etc, etc. and they were completely helpful and concerned...imagine that. So, I am on the Lowes band wagon.

I will be doing a book signing at the "Beaucoup" store in Richardson Texas from 11-2 on Saturday Oct.16th.

Then we head off to the big Country Living show at Stone Mountain in Atlanta, Georgia. I cannot wait to see everyone in has been a while. I am doing a little presentation and a book signing, so we should have plenty of books for that.

I will keep you posted with more pics from Warrenton.

The book is in most stores now and on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders and others...Carolyn Westbrook: The French Inspired Home.
Hope you all will buy a is much appreciated and I hope that you enjoy!

xoxo Carolyn

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