Thursday, August 4, 2011

Carolyn Westbrook: Photo shoot at the PLantation

I had to share this with yall. Thought it was so funny. Keith is busy checking the shot on his laptop and Old Jake was right by his side, gazing into the monitor alongside know he's saying in his old dog voice, that's lookin really good, Keith. I love it. I had several pictures of Jake for an entire hour following Keith and looking at the pictures with him. We were able to get some great shots, in spite of the 110 degree weather. Things seem to be rolling along with the new book and think that it is going to be the best yet.

The sunporch is all glamour with black and white dramatic look. Turned out amazing and photographed really well. So, we are now thinking about Roundtop Antiques Week that is just around the corner. WE will begin selling Sept. 23rd-Oct. 1st and hoping that it cools off for our big soiree. Know that all of my hard core treasure seekers will be there no matter what the weather, for we are all about the hunt.

Cannot wait to see you there!

xo Carolyn
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