Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Carolyn Westbrook: Summer Junk Trip!

I had to take this shot of the heaping pitcher of iced tea, so that y'all would all know that we really are keeping our pinky promise and making delicious summer drinks with yummy fresh mint, straight from the herb garden. The girls (our happy hens) are laying everyday and this morning it was all about the omlette. WE had omlettes at the hotel when we were in Colorado, so now the kids think that this is a wonderful idea. With all of the tomatoes coming in at the same time, we are making huge bowls of fresh salsa, which Nick can eat in one sitting. I think that he could be drinking it. After all, he is 14, and between him and his friends, that seem to congregate here every day for meal time, and those guys can eat. I love having them all around.
Here are some more shots of the famous Canton Texas Flea Market. Lots of stuff and love the stacks of cowboy hats!
Below is a shot out on the grounds and you can see lots of great garden things that I love. We went home with quite a nice haul. It is hot, but if you shop early, nothing can really keep me away from this.
Also, wanted to talk to all of my friends in the NYC area or if you want to come to the NYC area for a book signing. They are wanting to do a signing at the Rizzoli store in NYC, but need to hear from my friends to see who would be able to make it out for the signing. Thinking the 14th of October. If you would be interested in joining myself and Keith Scott Morton to get an autographed copy of the new book, Carolyn Westbrook: The French Inspired Home, then please let me hear from you. If we have enough response, then we will see you there!

xo Carolyn
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Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn, Just found your blog after hearing about your book give-away. i can't wait to read it! I'm curious, my husband has cousins with the last name Westbrook here in Northern California, any relation? Wouldn't that be funny! Marcia