Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Carolyn Westbrook: Live at the PLantation

Winding down to Christmas...and here are some more shots as promised from the Plantation. The first is in the "Red Room." This is the room where most of the action takes place. The main tree is in this room and it is massive with all of the ornaments collected over the years. From when I was a small child to my children's ornaments from birth. Every year they get to pick one ornament to go on the tree. I love tradition and think it is an important part of life. I love that all families have their own unique traditions for the Holidays!

Even our lawn jockey has been brought in to add a little something next to the fireplace and he holds a bunch of Christmas lights.

Here is an exterior shot of the front door. Love the lights at night.
Here is a shot of the 12ft. tree in the living room and here is Victoria, Alex and Princess. They would kill me if they knew that I posted this., but thought it was a pretty good shot of the tree. All of Alex's gifts are wrapped in zebra, so we have a very festive assortment.
Love to all and will try and post more pics as we go.

xo Carolyn
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trash talk said...

Sweet friend of mine...I don't know which is more beautiful...the holiday decor...or the two gorgeous girls!