Friday, December 17, 2010

Live from the Plantation: Merry Christmas!

I can hardly fact, I couldn't wait on some of my gifts...I love the giving part. Ho, Ho, Ho!!! This year it is very sparkly around here. Now I feel sorry for all of the photographers out there shooting Christmas trees. They are the very hardest thing to shoot and make it look right. Our tree in the hall, is on a table that is 3 ft. and the tree is 6 ft, but in the picture it looks like a 3 ft. tree...go figure. I just wanted y'all to have a peek at a little of our sparkly, twinkly decorations. I do love this time of year.
This first shot is down the entry hall and this enormous old mirror (that is featured in the book) that is dripping with all kinds of shiny gobbly gook that I love.

So, y'all know that I am my mother's child, and she loves antiques as much as I do, so I bought her a fabulous silver tray at Urban Market for CHristmas. She walks into the warehouse and says..."what a pretty tray." I'm like...get away from that, this is your Christmas. Then just the other day we had our annual girl Christmas shopping outing with Portia, Gina, and Heidi. WE try to go to every antique shop known to man in the Dallas area. There, I could not resist a wonderful old French mirror with Borbola dripping from it, for another Christmas surprise for Mom. Could not wait...gave it to her already. Then we had a major Christmas bash for all of the Chatfield women, who are mostly all retired and do not "get" what I do. Spent all day cleaning and weeks decorating, and hardly anyone even stopped to notice the decorations. Some of these women put up a little 3 ft. tree and call it done. Here is to all of you that love to live in a sparkly, drippy, magical wonderland...even if it is only for a few weeks and we have to take it all down.
Here is a shot of the hall tree, although it looks way better in real life. It looks tiny and is really about 8 ft. with the concrete planter.

I love the natural look of all of this. The main tree of course is traditional red and green and will show shots of it on my next post. Also, want to show you all the outside. Nicholas and I went overboard and even have a 6 ft. "Grinch" hiding behind a tree.

Here is a shot of the front of the hall. I hope that everyone makes a pinky swear to enjoy the Holidays this year. Put on some cozy P.J.'s and warm socks and settle in with some hot chocolate and read a book or look at our favorite magazines for the 100th time, for Pete's sake! Will post more pics, now that things have slowed down a little bit.
Love to all of y'all!

xo Carolyn
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Myrna said...

Ooh! LOVE it ALL Carolyn!! If I were there, I would've made a BIG to-do over your decorations!! ;-)
Fabulous job and looking forward to more pics!!
Blessings from California!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Carolyn. All of your decorations are gorgeous! I love the large mirror draped with garland. Your last photo does not show up so I'll check back later to see more.
Happy Holidays to you and your family,

Victoria said...

Stunning Carolyn love your home. The lambs at the bottom of the tree are devine. Merry Christmas!! and I can't wait to see the next pix.

trash talk said...

Every time I see that grand entry hall, it takes my breath. I didn't think you could make it any more beautiful...but I forgot about Christmas time!


Well Carolyn, suffice it to say that had I been at your little soiree, I'd have been drooling all over your Christmas decorations and everything else in your beautiful home.

Thanks for sharing and I am looking forward to more pics in the days to come.


Irina said...

That is a beautiful home!!! It almost seems like a movie set, so well decorated!!! Happy New Year!!!